Have you ever thought, “I want to do the greater things that Jesus promised”?

In this edifying book, Pastor Alan Mushegan Jr. reveals your true identity in Christ and the power that is yours as a joint heir with Him. But it’s one thing to know that your a joint heir – it’s another to operate in the same power as Jesus. Pastor Alan shows you how to access the power source so that you, too, can do the mighty works of God that give Him glory… here on Earth! You are an heir to power and all that God has prepared for you can be yours!

Heir of Power Book


“Proverbs 21:16 says, “A man who wanders from the way of understanding will rest in the assembly of the dead.” That means you can be a follower of God, but if you don’t have a revelation of His Word, the results of your life will be the same as an unbeliever. Knowing the truth is what really sets you free.

    Heir of Power is a sword of revelation that slices powerless, religious thinking into ribbons. In his new book, Alan paints a picture not only of what a believer could be, but what we should be. God never intended His children to struggle though life going from crisis to crisis. We’ve been ordained to reign as kings here on the earth.
    I believe this book carries a spirit of wisdom and revelation that will open your eyes to a whole new world of supernatural possibilities. Be warned. This is the message that your enemy never wanted you to hear.”


Ted Shuttlesworth Jr. 

Evangelist, Miracle Word Ministries, Virginia Beach, VA; author of Praise. Laugh. Repeat. and Blood on the Door

Heir of Power is more than a new book from Alan Mushegan Jr.. It’s a spiritual roadmap of revelatory insight that will guide you to the place of understanding that God has created us to live with supernatural authority. If you are seeking to fulfill Gods purpose and plan for your life then this book is a must read and will enhance your journey for success. From start to finish you will discover how to reign in victory and learn how to access Gods limitless supply through His limitless power. This book has more action than a lifetime of Michael Bay films sandwiched together, and packs more punch than 12 rounds of boxing with Rocky Balboa!

Sean Thomas

Abundant Life Church

I have seen too many people start off with a great passion for Jesus and within weeks or months it simply fades away. Many times it is due to struggles that the person cannot seem to overcome. Heir of Power is an amazing key to realizing the supernatural power that resides within us to “press towards the Upward call” Your life as a believer will dramatically shift with each page as revelation from revelation challenge your mindset and allow you to operate as God has intended.

Revelation without application will lead to no transformation. That is the difference with this book it equips you with practical steps to living as an Heir of Power

Cody Spencer
Youth Pastor / Uproar Conference Director

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